Sunday, February 26, 2017

“A Scale Majestically Slower” For Piccolo Trumpet, Percussion, Device & Steel Guitar. The Score

“A Scale Majestically Slower”

For Piccolo Trumpet, Percussion, Device & Steel Guitar

Bil Smith Composer


A Commission From Alitalia

PDF Link To The Score:



Thursday, February 23, 2017

"Odean Semafore's Taphephilia" for Chamber Ensemble. The Score.

"Odean Semafore's Taphephilia" 

for Chamber Ensemble. 
Bil Smith Composer

A Commission from De Beers Consolidated 
(inclusive of the procurement of the ensemble instruments)

Chamber Ensemble Consisting Of:

Thomas Inderbinen 'Sera' Flugelhorn
Eva Kingma Contr'alto Flute
Thomas Inderbinen 'Da Vinci' B Flat Trumpet
Puchner English Horn (39C)
Roberto Spizzichino 22" 2348 Gram Grail Ride Cymbal
Roberto Spizzichino 22" 2559 Gram Asian Ride
Roberto Spizzichino 14 X 6" Stainless Steel Snare Drum

Thomas Inderbinen 'Da Vinci' B Flat Trumpet

Roberto Spizzichino Stainless Steel Snare Drum

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Genesis Of A New Instrumentarium

"Delictis: Overnight Cold Air" - Single Page Graphic Score for Elemental Clarinet and Friends (Optional)

Composition for an Elemental Clarinet lasting precisely 4 minutes and 12.8 seconds.  

An additional C Trumpet may be allowed, but only for a period on 12.9 seconds and may be introduced at any juncture, but never to exceed 12.9" in total performance time.  

Elemental Clarinet may be accompanied by a Coloratura Soprano who will interpret the score in it's contextual format (determinate intoning).  

The Coloratura Soprano ( Male or Female, but preferably Male) must adhere to the visual structure of the score and accept the lead of the Elemental Clarinetist.

It may be performed for less than the prescribed 12.9" or be present for the performance and not perform at all.  

The C Trumpet may not perform beyond the performance of the Elemental Clarinetist.

Bil Smith Composer

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Extended Orchestra

On SoundCloud:

Extended Orchestra refers to an expansion of instrumentation beyond the traditional orchestral modicum. In this piece it involves adding a prescribed number (in this performance 18) of non-traditional orchestral instruments. While the score for the instruments is carefully notated, the instrument selection is left up to the key stakeholders of the performance.
“Form and referent coincide, and response rarely goes beyond the initial frisson. In creating a score of this magnitude, it is not the immediate, visceral reaction but the critical reception, the work’s potential to generate independent thinking, that matters.

"Adjacent Akron" for Organ

"Adjacent Akron"

For Organ

Bil Smith Composer

A Commission from Clariant Ltd.

World Premiere:  November 9, 2015

Ronald Darling, Organ

Cage said that his audience was perpetually students, reason being that students grow up, leave the academy to enter the real world, the result being that, consumed with practical matters, they drift from art and music.

"Obvious Gambling" for Viola and Piano