Wednesday, March 29, 2017

"Brexit" for Piano

"Gamble Through One Of Those Narrowing Gaps" Link To Full PDF Score For String Quartet

"Gamble Through One Of Those Narrowing Gaps"  

Prelude Guidance and Performance Regime (19 seconds per page)
The Score

A New String Quartet Commissioned by SinoPharm

Bil Smith Composer


Published by LNM Editions

(Laboratorie New Music)

Link To Full Score (PDF)

Friday, March 24, 2017

The Circos Compositional Systems Design Tool

for Chamber Orchestra
"This Is The Past That Somebody In The Future Is Longing To Get Back To"
for Baritone, Baritone Horn and Alto Flute

Once again we revisit our experiments with utilizing Circos visualization mapping software which we, at Laboratorie new Music have modified to create a unique tool for generating a new musical lexicon.
"Daniele Summerveal"
for deModas Slide trumpet, Uniharp (September Florynce Tuning)
and French Horn

"Cut Rate Pulse"
for Stash Flute, Linq B flat Trumpet, Spizzichino 20" Chinese
Modent Splash Cymbal and Oboe

"Sad & Submissive Faces". A Fanfare for Three Trumpets

"Tryst, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, SLI, ADHD" The Score One of One. 89.2X

"Boxcar Full Of Air" The Full Score (PDF)

"Boxcar Full Of Air"  

For C Trumpet and Piano

Bil Smith Composer

The Full Score (PDF)

A Commission from Navistar

Thursday, March 23, 2017

“5900+ pages of a score?…

“5900+ pages of a score?…

Do you ever recognize something you have created does not fit?”

I do. Many things. I suppose some think that you look at your oeuvre and then throw it all in the mix. And, that may not be a bad thing. Unfortunately, I don’t quite work that way (but perhaps I should explore that recipe).

I sort of thought this may have been on tap from a very astute and wise group of student composers, so I did plan ahead. 

Here is a fraction of what I discarded because indeed it did not work in the context of “Partitions: Cambics Alive in Sensient Amplules”. Not to say it is irrelevant, just not part of this project.